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Have a greener lawn for free

Following this one simple step will give you a greener, healthier lawn for FREE!!!!

See the picture- This lawn has no irrigation system.


The number one thing you can do for free that will enhance the health of your lawn ten-fold is proper mowing height. Follow my recommendations below and you will cut down your watering bill, cut down your weed control bill, have a greener healthier lawn and have the neighbors wondering what your secret is.

Here are the steps.

1. First make sure your mower can cut your lawn at approx 4". I know what your thinking, "four inches no way this guy is cracked" . Just wait and let me explain! Now when I say 4" I don't mean that the label on your mower says 4... What I mean is that with your mower on a flat surface (driveway garage floor...) move the blade ( with the mower off of course) so that one of the edges is facing to the front of the mower. If your mower has an adjustment that has an adjustment that goes up to 4" set it at that number. Then take a tape measure and measure from the ground to the tip of the front of the blade. If it is not 4" then your mower is not adjusted to the height it says it is( as with almost all mowers because when they are assembled this is almost always overlooked by the technician) See your owners manual to adjust the height. What you will want is that the front tip of the blade to be at 4" and the back tip will be about 1/8" to 1/4" higher then the front. If you have a side to side adjustment on your mower then what you want to make sure of after the initial adjustment is done is to move the blade(s) so one of the tips is facing your side discharge chute. (The blade or blades will now be sitting side to side of the mower deck) Then measure and adjust as necessary to make sure the side to side blade tip height is the same. Now the mower deck is set up correctly. Note these measurements should be checked every year especially if you run into something with your deck. If you have a older mower or one that cannot be adjusted, find one that can.

Spring of the year - Let your grass grow to a actual height of 3.25 to 3.5" before cutting it. You can keep it at this height through May.

Summer - Starting in June raise your deck up to 3.75 or 4" for the remaining of the summer.

Fall - In mid September slowly start decreasing the length of the lawn with each mowing until you are at 2- 2-1/2" and the lawn no longer needs mowing.

Thats it, The hardest part will be adjusting your mower or getting one that can be adjusted if you do not have one.

How will this work????

First off by mowing high you are promoting a deeper root system for the lawn. The roots grow deeper and do not become so reliant on top soil moisture thus providing less watering. The lawn will become thick which in turn will not provide weed seed a chance to germinate.(weed seed can sit in the soil dormant for years and will germinate if the lawn is thin, stressed or has bare areas). This is where you will save on weed control.

Patience! If you have been mowing at 2" like most people do It can take about a month or so for the lawn to reach these new heights. Eventually everything will even out and you will see the results!!!

I practice what I preach. I have used this method for years on my own lawn. I have many customers with no irrigation that use this method and their lawns are beautiful.