Sod Web Worms

There are various types of lawn insects. Most of these will pose no problems unless they are abundant.

Sod webworms as shown above are caterpillars of small brown to dull gray moths. Webworms grow to a length of nearly 3/4 inch and vary in color from pinkish white to yellowish brown with a light to dark brown or black head. They are covered with fine hairs. The moths have a wingspan of about 3/4 inch. They fold their wings closely about their bodies when at rest and have a prominent forward projection on the head. They are noticeable while mowing as they will make short flights and then land again. Moths hide in shrubbery grass or other sheltered spots during the day. They fly over the grass in early evening. The female scatters eggs over the lawns as she flies. There can be several generations of webworms each season with the most severe damage usually occurring in mid to late summer.

Sod webworms feed only at night. Damaged grass blades appear notched on sides and are chewed raggedly. Irregular brown spots are the first signs of damage. Large areas of grass may be damaged severely. A heavy infestation can destroy a lawn in only a few days. 

The cost of this application would be equal to a regular lawn application.