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Frequently asked questions

Here is a on-going list of common questions we get and the answers to them

Please email all your lawn questions to dave@daveslawnmaintenance.com

Why do you limit the number of customers you have each year.

Answer-  Each fertilizing and weed control application has to be applied at the correct time in the season for optimal results.  Weather conditions, ground temperatures and stages of weed growth play a major role on timing of applications. Therefore we limit our work load so that we can apply all our applications at the optimal time.

1. How come in the spring other lawns green up so much faster than mine?

Answer - If you are following proper mowing, watering and feeding practices the number one reason is the soil consistency. Heavy soils like clay take a couple weeks longer to warm up than lighter soils.

2. I heard an ad stating that I can buy there product in a granular and take care of all my weeds before they appear in my lawn.

Answer-  A spring Pre-emergent crabgrass control + fertilizer will only take certain types of weeds as they are emerging from seed. Many other types of weeds like dandelion, thistle... are already in the leaf stage which a pre-emergent will not work on.  

3. I had my lawn treated for broadleaf weeds and noticed my ash tree looks wilted?

Answer - This is a common question. A disease called anthracnose is very common in ash trees and other varieties. This usually occurs after the buds have leafed out in May or June. This is also the time you would normally have your lawn sprayed for broadleaf weeds.

4. What type of plants should I cover that could be injured when applying a broadleaf weed application.

Answer- Roses, tomatoes, and peonies are very acceptable to herbicide injury. This can even be caused by the fumes of the spray mix.

5. Why do prices vary so much among fertilizing and weed control companies?

Answer. There are numerous products used in our industry that are at all price ranges. Fertilizer prices are tied directly to fuel prices. There is a lot of fluctuation in costs during recent years. Another factor is equipment costs. Some companies choose to drive large enclosed trucks with fancy paint while others can do the same job with a pickup and application equipment. Then there is the service factor. Always check the background of a lawn company. We guarantee all applications to be done at the right time, with the results stated for the application. You will have Dave or Wayne treating your lawn on each application. Unlike other companies where from month to month and year to year you may have several technicians. The difference is they do the job by the hour where we do this for a living. We do not get paid a commission.

6. Why should I choose your company over a national company?

Answer- We are local, dependable and professional. Dave and his technicians have over 45 years combined experience. We do not take on more accounts then we can handle. One of us will take care of your lawn, not 3 or 4 different people during the course of a year. We do not get paid commissions on how many lawns we can get done in a day like other companies. We take the time to treat your lawn right and watch for arising problems and bring them to your attention. We know the correct time and the correct combination of products to use to treat most lawn conditions.

7. I heard on TV that I should let my lawn just go dormant in a dry spell.

Answer NO. If you have the means to keep your lawn watered during a drought please do. Seeded lawns can withstand a drought better than a sodded lawn. This all depends on the severity of the drought.  Even a 1 week hot spell can kill a lawn. If you do not water you can usually plan to renovate your lawn and start over.

8. I mowed my lawn and now I can see my tire tracks (riding mower)

Answer-This is normally caused by a hot ground surface temperature reacting to the compaction from a lawn tractor.... This will go away with watering and normal rainfall.

9.  I looked at my lawn this morning and it was all dug up?

Answer- You have a grub problem. Raccoons and or skunks paid a visit. They love grubs. Solution: apply grub control as a preventive measure. If you have a lawn near a wooded area this can happen to your lawn. Grubs alone usually will not cause the severe damage, it is the rodents that like to dig them up and eat them. Apply grub control end ofMay thru June.

10. I heard on TV / Radio that you should not put on pre-emergent crabgrass control until about May  why did you put it on in April ?

Answer - Consumer retail pre-emergent products only have a 7-10 window to be put down thus around May 15 will get the best results for the product which is about 50-60% at this time. You have to be licensed to buy and apply the professional grade products we use. Our pre-emergent product has a 6-8 week effective span. We apply this in April to make sure the hot spots in the lawn ( example any area that borders cement or tar) are treated early enough to prevent the crabgrass from emerging early in these areas.

11.  How can you be as competitive as a large company or a national chain.

Answer - We have the same buying power as most large companies. Yes we are a small company but we negotiate with our fertilizer companies and pre-buy to save you money, and the quality of service that you will get from us will be superior to most of the franchises.

12. Can I dethatch after Round 1 ?

Answer- Yes as long as you water it in good.