Creeping Charlie / Tough to control weeds

Creeping Charlie or ground ivy (Glechoma hederacea) is a perennial weed that spreads by seeds, rhizomes and creeping stems that root at the nodes. The leaves are round or kidney-shaped, bright green, hairy and opposite with scalloped leaf edges.

Creeping Charlie requires up to  2-3 applications to control .These applications are done about 2 weeks apart.  This can be done in the spring or after the first frost in the fall. We normally want to do this in the spring  because of the leaves falling in the fall. You need to sign up for this service in early April so that we can perform timely applications. After the creeping charlie is done blooming it forms a wax on it leaves that does not allow the the treatment to penetrate the plant as well. Also if you have it in your gardens, flower beds... where we cannot safely spray you will need to remove it , or it will spread into your lawn.  Creeping Charlie will spread by mowing. You need to manually remove the creeping charlie from any gardens or flower beds.

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