Fertilizing and Weed control discount plan

The following is an explanation of what each application (round) does.

1. Round 1 Pre-emergent crabgrass control plus spring fertilizer application: 
Applied in April-mid May this first application of the season consists of granular pre-emergent crabgrass /annual grass control plus a spring slow release fertilizer. (2 applications for the price of 1). This application does not control dandelions or broadleaf weeds.  Note: The pre-emergent crabgrass control does not last all season and the longevity of it is effected by excessive rainfall. Crabgrass can sprout throughout the season.

2. Round 2 Spring broad-leaf weed application:
Applied in May-June this liquid application controls emerged broad-leaf weeds (dandelions, lambs ear, certain clover). Please note that this application controls only weeds that are emerged and will have no effect on weed seed, but can prevent dandelion seed from germinating. Creeping Charlie and a few other hard to control weeds need to be treated with separate applications. 2-3 applications are needed before the creeping charlie hardens off. (If you have Creeping Charlie please call for a quote to eliminate it from your lawn.)

3. Round 3 Mid Summer checkup / application:  Applied in late June -mid July. This application consists of a lawn checkup, broad-leaf weed spot spraying and a granular application of mid summer slow release fertilizer with pre-emergent crabgrass control. This application also controls late emerging weeds from tree seeds... IF YOU HAVE A CLOVER PROBLEM, THIS IS THE TIME TO TREAT IT AS JUNE IS WHEN CLOVER IS MOST ACTIVE.

4. Round 4 Fall broad-leaf weed control: Applied in mid August - September:  this liquid application consists of broad-leaf weed control plus a nitrogen boost.

5. Round 5 Aeration: This service is performed in mid September. Aerating can be done at anytime but this time of year works the best with overseeding and fertilization. Lawn aeration consists of plugging the lawn with small holes. Aeration will allow air, water and nutrients direct access to the lawns root structure. Aeration also reduces thatch and lawn compaction problems. After aeration it is a good time to seed any thin areas in your lawn.

6. Round 6 Fall Fertilizing: Applied in early October this is the final application of the year. This granular fertilizer and winterizer application contains a long lasting slow release formula which will give your lawn a quick green up next spring.



 Plan 1: save 5% off of individual application rates.  Includes rounds 1,2,3,4,6. Plan 1 customers also receive broad-leaf weed control and crabgrass control on all applications. 

 Plan 1 Plus: (includes aeration) save 5% off of individual application rates. Includes rounds 1,2,3,4,5,6 Plan 1 customers also receive broad-leaf weed control and crabgrass control on all applications. 

Plan 2 : Save 3% off of individual application rates Includes Rounds 1,2,4,6

Plan 2 Plus: (includes aeration) save 3% off of individual application rates Includes rounds 1,2,4,5,6

Plan 3: save 1% off of individual application rates. Includes rounds 1,2,4

Plan 3 Plus: (includes aeration) save 1% off of individual application rates. Includes rounds 1,2,4,5

WHAT RESULTS TO EXPECT FROM EACH PLAN. First and foremost, fertilizing and weed control is not a cure all to a lush thick green lawn. Mowing practices, watering, soil quality, landscape and weather are the keys and a fertilizing and weed program is the ignition.

Plan 1: This is our best plan and highly recommended. After the 1st two rounds you will see a significant reduction in weeds. A green lawn throughout the growing season while providing optimal weed control.

Plan 2: Provides the key weed control applications (less Round 3 which is the time tree seedlings start to sprout). Provides a good fertilizing program without a mid summer boost.

Plan 3: This plan is for customers that just want to control most of the weeds but do not like to water or mow. The only fertilization application comes on round 1.